Make 2021 the year your company prioritizes equal opportunity for all employees!

Think you’re unbiased? Think Again!

Many forms of unconscious bias prevent us from acting fairly on a daily basis without ever knowing we’re doing it! Here are a few examples:

  • Affinity Bias: When we tend to gravitate toward…

SymbaSync used customer interviews, feedback sessions, and quantitative analysis to launch a customized, dual language, Project Team Builder application in OTP Bank’s World Headquarters in the Budapest Offices.

The Market Inefficiency that first prompted us to create Project Team Builder.

Co-Founder/CTO Damodar Sojka working in the OTP Bank’s Budapest Lab.

Mid to large companies spend a fortune to search, hire, and develop employees, but when it comes time to fill roles for…

From Italy to Edinburgh — Challenges, Advice, Insight.

From an automobile sales role in Italy to a recent career progression at BlackRock one of the world’s preeminent asset management firms, Valentina sets incredibly high standards for herself and not only reaches them, she surpasses with distinct positivity and a constant smile on her face.

Graduating in Business Management…


SymbaSync™ is a Human Capital Deployment Software which helps organizations maximize return on employee investment.

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