Make 2021 the year your company prioritizes equal opportunity for all employees!

Think you’re unbiased? Think Again!

Many forms of unconscious bias prevent us from acting fairly on a daily basis without ever knowing we’re doing it! Here are a few examples:

  • Affinity Bias: When we tend to gravitate toward people similar to ourselves. That might mean hiring or promoting someone who shares the same race, gender, age, or educational background.
  • Conformity Bias: When your views are swayed or influenced by others’ views, often occurring in a group setting. Not limited to groupthink, this also includes failing to ask if people are interested in projects or tasks because their current role or background influences your thoughts on if they’re interested or qualified.
  • Name Bias: When you judge a person based on their name and perceived background; significant when reviewing resumes or considering an employee for internal opportunities.

What’s the easiest solution: Transparency!

TeamCreator makes providing transparency easy with the following:

  • Projects/Roles: Show how each employee matches with every new project, role, or task within your organization, so people selecting employees are aware of all backgrounds and interests of all employees.
  • Proactive Instant Qualification Feedback: Allow employees to instantly see how well they match for a Project or Role. They’ll see where their shortcoming is without having to wait for a management review.
  • Ongoing Anonymous Interest Collection: Allow employees, anonymously, to state what projects and roles in which they are interested. This allows managers to consider them even if they aren’t a perfect fit while also allowing them to remain anonymous if they aren’t ideal for the role.

SymbaSync™ is a Human Capital Deployment Software which helps organizations maximize return on employee investment.

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